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Our Story

Iā€™m Andrew Cox, the owner and lead videographer behind Fireside Media. My wife and I met at Barlow High School and then dated for a few years after graduating before I finally proposed. When Kendra and I got married in 2017, we had the most incredible wedding day. It was perfect for us. I cherish our wedding film and we look back often to relive the celebration of our beginning.

I love being able to create wedding films that bring out the real emotions and moments of each wedding. I also enjoy building relationships with each couple I work with, so before the wedding I make it a point to take you both out for coffee at least once! My goal is to leave the couple with a gift they can look back on for many years and still experience the wedding like it was yesterday.

Outside of filmmaking, I spend my weekends backpacking with my wife, watching way too many season of Survivor, and enjoying time serving with our church family here in Boring, Oregon.

Fill out this contact form to check your date, ask any questions, or schedule a time to meet! We look forward to hearing from you.

We hope you have a fantastic time planning for your wedding day. - Andrew Cox, Fireside Media

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Date of Wedding (If Scheduled)