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Your wedding film should be an expression of who you are. Your wedding film should make you relive the joy and excitement you felt on that day. Your wedding film will be enjoyed for the rest of your life.

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Wedding Packages

Package One

  • Videographer & Assistant Videographer
  • 7 hours of wedding day coverage
  • 4-6 minute Wedding Film
  • Drone*
  • Online Hosting & Download
  • $2,500

Package Two

  • Videographer & Assistant Videographer
  • 9 hours of wedding day coverage
  • 5-7 minute Wedding Film
  • Drone*
  • Online Hosting & Download
  • Custom USB Drive
  • Social Media Teaser
  • $2,850

Package Three

  • Videographer & Assistant Videographer
  • 11 hours of wedding day coverage
  • 6-8 minute Wedding Film
  • Drone*
  • Online Hosting & Download
  • Custom USB Drive
  • Social Media Teaser
  • $3,250

Additional Options

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage- Requires custom quote

  • Full Ceremony Recording – $650
  • Guest Interview Compilation – $200
  • Raw Footage – $200
  • Full Toast/Speeches Video – $150
  • Social Media Teaser – $300
  • Extra Hour – $200
  • Custom USB Drive – $50
We want to serve you

My name is Andrew Cox and I am a Portland based wedding filmmaker. I love being able to create wedding films that bring out the real emotions and moments of each wedding.

I also enjoy building relationships with each couple I work with, so before the wedding I make it a point to take you both out for coffee at least once! My goal is to leave the couple with a gift they can look back on for many years and still experience the wedding like it was yesterday.

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My wife and I met at Barlow High School and then dated for a few years after graduating before I finally proposed. When Kendra and I got married in 2017, we had the most incredible wedding day.

It was perfect for us. I cherish our wedding film and we look back often to relive the celebration of our beginning. I never truly understood how much each moment means until I viewed my own wedding film.

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What's the filmmaking process like?

We take a very modern and creative approach to each wedding. We are younger guys ourselves, so we like to push the boundaries of filmmaking and editing to provide our couples with the best wedding film possible! Prior to the wedding, we like to get to know the couples we work with. Typically meeting for coffee and going over the wedding day plans, we also like to get to know how you two fell in love, what you like, and what drew you in to our wedding films.

On the day of your wedding, make sure to capture all of the important moments, while not being in the way. For moments like the ceremony, toasts, and first dances, we choose to give the couple distance and capture the video in a way that the focus is always on the couple, not the vendors.. For other private moments, we are able to capture intimate, funny, and beautiful moments with the couple.

One of the greatest strengths that I believe sets our films apart from other wedding videographers is the amount of STORY we use. Through capturing personal vows, letters to each other, toasts, ceremony, or just candid moments throughout the day, we craft your wedding film story.

After your wedding day, we spend many hours at the desk editing your film. We license music that fits your story, and use it to give the wedding film energy and emotion.

How long does it take to edit a wedding film?

Our average turnaround time has been 2-3 months for each wedding film. Industry standard can vary from 6-12 months, but we make it a priority to put our clients first and make sure we stay on top of every project. Every single wedding film goes through several stages of editing (culling, story developing, music search, color grading, audio balancing) and we will not skimp on quality. If you are considering to invest in a wedding film, do not just base your decision on instagram clips, but instead watch several videos of the company you are considering and that should give you an idea of the quality of work.

How far do you travel and will it cost us extra?

YES! (and yes)
From local Portland Weddings to destinations weddings around the world, if there is a love story, we would love to capture it! We have experience traveling with our equipment on planes (hint, do not check anything!), and love opportunities to create wedding films in unique and remote areas. The more adventure the better!

The cost for travel varies. Any wedding 50 miles outside of Portland is charged at an extra .50 cents/mile. If the destination requires overnight lodging or airfare, that would also be added to the package.

How do you capture audio during the day?

We carry the best wedding audio equipment on the market. In any situation, we can be sure to capture clear audio from every moment throughout the day. If you would like to know more about our filmmaking process, we would love to connect with you! Reserve Your Date

What is it like to work with you on the wedding day?

We want you two to ENJOY and CELEBRATE every part of your wedding day. Our focus is to capture beautiful moments throughout your day, while not feeling like a big production. Couples sometimes worry about how to pose or interact together, but we take a mixed approach of letting you two enjoy moments together while helping pose or adjust as needed. This approach allows us to create wedding films that are unique and special for each couple!

We have lots of past reviews from wedding clients and other vendors. Take a moment and hear what our recent clients have said about working with us! Wedding Testimonials

What's your favorite part of the wedding day?

All moments are special, but our favorite times are when the couple gets to see each other for the first time. We love capturing all the laughing, crying, and everything in between. Some of our most memorable moments were unplanned and unexpected.

What is the difference between “Wedding Highlight Films” and “Wedding Documentary Films”

A wedding highlight film includes all of the important moments captured throughout your wedding day that tells the complete story. We take careful consideration when cutting together the film. We take the best toasts, vows, and other audio to craft the story. When we are done with the editing process, the final highlight film will be a very enjoyable and cinematic film of your wedding day.

A wedding documentary film is a long format style of filming. Typical film lengths could be 1-2 hours. It includes the uncut moments from throughout the day. This kind of film is less cinematic than a highlight film, and most likely will just be enjoyed by the wedding couple and immediate family.

We specialize in wedding highlight films for our clients. We also offer full ceremony documentary edits as an ala carte option.

Do you fly drones and use them for the wedding film?

YES! We are Part 107 certified FAA Drone Pilots. AKA we studied for a few days to pass a ridiculous test that allows us to fly drones for our business. It is important that whoever you hire to fly a drone has their license and insurance to legally fly.

While we love to fly our drones, we will never recommend flying the drone during the ceremony. They are as loud as a swarm of bees and we find the drones are best used to “set the scene” and fly over the venue, mountains, trees, or city. Watch a few of our recent films and you will see how we use our drones for the creative process! Wedding Portfolio

What is the length of a wedding film?

Our wedding highlight film lengths will be determined by what package is booked. Couples that we spend 9 hours with can expect a film of 5-7 minutes long. Couples that we spend a longer time with typically means that we have more footage and moments to include in the final wedding film, so you can expect a slightly longer and more complete highlight film.

We are nervous about booking. Can we meet before?

Yes! I highly recommend meeting with your vendors in person if you are on the edge of the fence. Every videographer will have a different style and character. It is important that you not only choose your videographer based on their work, but also their character! Your vendors are with you on the biggest day of your life! We want it to be a great fit.

I already have a photographer. Do I really need a videographer too?

This question just comes down to preference and what each couples value. We are in the digital age where we now have the technology to create amazing art through video.

We have worked with couples that don’t even have a photographer because they only care about having a wedding film.

Most of our weddings consist of a professional photographer that captures amazing photos that will be printed and shared, but the couple is also looking for a wedding film to tell their story!

Another big reason why couples choose to have us capture their wedding is to have it shared to family or friends that couldn’t make it to the wedding. A wedding film will make it feel like you were there!

How will our final film be delivered?

We deliver all of our films online to be viewed for the first time. We also deliver a hard copy on a custom USB drive in the mail depending on package.

How many hours will I need to book to capture the story?

Every wedding is different! We have found in our experience that 9 hours is the sweet spot to capture most of the important wedding moments. If you wedding and reception are in different locations, or you have a really long timeline, you might consider having more hours.

If you are curious about your wedding day, just reach out and ask us about your timeline and we would be happy to share our recommendations. Contact Us

Do you have testimonials from past couples?

Yes! Here is a page full of reviews from past couples. We are also active on facebook, google, and wedding wire

Can I purchase the raw footage?

Yes! We offer that as an additional option to our packages.
Raw footage is a great way to view every moment caught on camera. Although it is uncolor graded and uncut, there are so many moments that don’t make it to the film that you might enjoy.

How long is your turnaround time?

Our wedding film turnaround time is 2-3 months. This is our full time work, so we dedicate ourselves to create the best film for each couple while also staying within our expected delivery time. Since 2-3 months might feel like a long time after your wedding, you might be interested in having a social media teaser! We offer those in most packages. It is a fun way to cure the post wedding blues. Check out some of our recent social media teasers on instagram!