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Why Fireside

You have many excellent choices for videography in the Salem area – chances are that we know some of them personally. Why go with Fireside Media?

The question is an important one, as the style and character of your Salem videographer needs to be a match, or you will find yourself working very closely with someone who’s vision is just never going to line up with yours. But when you find the right videographer, things are different.

So what do we bring to the table? Here are a couple of things.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

For us, the love of video isn’t in the filming, the gear, or the editing. It’s in the relationships we build with the people we make films for, and seeing them benefit by what we’ve created. In wedding videography, this means hearing the joy of a couple reliving their day and sharing it with their world. In commercial videography, this means giving clients the means to share their vision with their customers, driving sales. And in real estate videography, this means letting interested parties see just how great a place really is, meaning more bookings or a shorter time on the market! Whatever your need, we want to help you win.

Professional Experience

We know how to work with clients from couples to wedding coordinators to TV producers to marketing directors to homeowners to political campaign directors because we’ve done it before. You will find that Fireside Media is a professional Salem videography company that will beat your expectations.

To learn more about us, reach out and give us call or send an email. We’ll get back to you soon.

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Salem Wedding Videographer

Your wedding film should be an expression of who you are, something that can be enjoyed for the rest of your lives. More than simply evidence that your wedding happened, a wedding film should help you relive the joy and excitement you felt on that day. With each video we create, we do everything possible to deliver

  • A feeling that brings you back to your wedding day. Each time you view your wedding film, we hope that you feel like you celebrated all over again as you are reminded of that day and all the most important and impactful things that happened
  • Excellence in art. Each year we invest in learning and growing and being creative in new ways, staying on the cutting edge by trying new things
  • Service that puts each couple first. We are there with you every step of the way, and we make sure you know it! 

When you choose a wedding videographer, we know how important it is for them to match you not only in artistic style but also in character. Take a look at our work, get to know us through it. If Fireside Media sounds like the kind of Salem videographer you’d like to have by you on your wedding day, let us know.

Still image form a wedding film

Some of Our Work in Wedding Videography

View more examples of our work

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Andrew Cox, owner of Fireside Media, [act field='indef'] [act field='city'] videographer

My name is Andrew Cox, and I am a Salem wedding videographer. I love being able to create wedding films that bring out the real emotions and moments of each celebration.

One of the aspects I love most about my work is building relationships with each couple, so before the wedding I make it a point to take you both out for coffee at least once! My goal is to leave the couple with a gift they can look back on for many years and experience their wedding like it was yesterday.

I would love to get the chance to know you, and if the fit is right, to be a part of your celebration. Get in touch, and let’s talk.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Fireside Media as a Salem Wedding Videographer

“Working with Andrew was a great experience! We hired him to shoot a video for our wedding and we were impressed with the quality of the video and day-of professionalism. He did a great job of making us feel comfortable when it was just us and him, and he was barely noticeable during the ceremony, an important skill! We always get plenty of compliments whenever family or friends see the video. We were fortunate to have Andrew as our videographer and can’t wait to share his video with our kids!”

— Kylee & Michael

“Andrew filmed my wedding and did the most incredible job, we adore our video! Can’t say enough amazing things about it, everyone who watches it raves about it. He is professional, hilarious and a joy to be around.”

— Catherine & Eric

“We couldn’t have imagined having a better vendor than Andrew. Not only does he do amazing work, but his joyful spirit made us feel so special on our wedding day. His work perfectly captured the beauty of the day and all the special moments throughout.”

— Dylan & Dannah Yamamoto

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Salem Corporate Video Production

Are you having difficulty getting your message across to prospective clients?

Is your organization struggling to move people to the point of taking the action you’re wanting them to take?

Do you want a way to remember and celebrate your corporate culture as expressed at an important event?

Video can help.

Our goal as a Salem corporate video production company is to help our clients market their services and see a massive return on investment. We are experienced at creating

  • Business overview videos
  • Case study and testimonial videos
  • Event video recording
  • Social media marketing videos
  • Ads for TV and online marketing
  • and much more

Let’s chat about your upcoming project and how video can grow your business!

Still from some of our commercial videography

Some of Our Work in Corporate Video Production

View more examples of our work

What Our Clients Are Saying About Fireside Media as a Salem Commercial Videographer

“I have had the privilege of working with Andrew on several marketing and video projects, I found Andrew to be an excellent videographer, he also understands the value of video for marketing. Andrew understands the value of quality advertising for your social media needs and he has the skills and equipment to get the job done. I was extremely happy and enjoyed working with Andrew.”

— Dave Turin, Construction co. Owner and gold miner on Gold Rush

Still image of Salem corporate video production in action

What It’s Like to Work with Fireside Media for Commercial Videography

Our Salem commercial clients can expect to work with professional, creative video professionals who will help get their message across, arranging for everything from storyboarding, to arranging interviews or finding voice and acting talent, to the actual filming and editing of your video. Our process goes something like this:

  • After you reach out to us, we connect via phone or in-person to talk about what you’re looking for. We want to be sure that you have seen our work and that you are confident that we are going to be the right choice for developing and communicating your message to the world. We also want to be sure that we are going to work together, as corporate video production is an involved process, and working together well is critical.
  • Once we have established our working relationship, we then establish a budget and figure out a plan for how to create a video to meet the price point.
  • We arrange for all the details of the shoot, including equipment, camera operators, and on-screen talent (if needed). We work together with you to ensure that we are heading in a direction that you’ll be comfortable with – you know your audience like no one else, after all.
  • After capturing the video, we edit and turn it around to you for feedback and final edits. This part of the process usually takes 2-3 weeks, after which your video is ready for posting online or showing at your event. We will be happy to give recommendations for ways to maximize the impact of your video based on our experience.

Salem Real Estate Video Production

VRBO, AirBnB, and even RMLS now allow videos and video links to be added to listings for rentals and homes for sale. Properties that need to stand out use video tours to sell the experience. With Salem real estate video tours, potential renters and homebuyers can experience what the property is like through watching a video online.

No matter how good your real estate photography is, it can’t compare to the ability of a video to present the flow and feel of a house or rental property online. In the case of a rental, web impressions are the only impressions you get to make – so make yours count with a video by a Salem real estate videographer.

Still from some of our real estate videography

Some of Our Work in Real Estate Video Production

View more examples of our work

Fireside Media is a Salem Videographer

Based in Portland, available worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to edit a wedding film?

Our average turnaround time has been 2-3 months for each wedding film. Industry standard can vary from 6-12 months, but we make it a priority to put our clients first and make sure we stay on top of every project. Every single wedding film goes through several stages of editing (culling, story developing, music search, color grading, audio balancing) and we will not skimp on quality. If you are considering to invest in a wedding film, do not just base your decision on instagram clips, but instead watch several videos of the company you are considering and that should give you an idea of the quality of work.

What is it like to work with you on the wedding day?

We want you two to ENJOY and CELEBRATE every part of your wedding day. Our focus is to capture beautiful moments throughout your day, while not feeling like a big production. Couples sometimes worry about how to pose or interact together, but we take a mixed approach of letting you two enjoy moments together while helping pose or adjust as needed. This approach allows us to create wedding films that are unique and special for each couple!

We have lots of past reviews from wedding clients and other vendors. Take a moment and read above what our clients have said about working with us!

Do you fly drones and use them for the wedding film?

YES! We are Part 107 certified FAA Drone Pilots. AKA we studied for a few days to pass a ridiculous test that allows us to fly drones for our business. It is important that whoever you hire to fly a drone has their license and insurance to legally fly.

While we love to fly our drones, we will never recommend flying the drone during the ceremony. They are as loud as a swarm of bees and we find the drones are best used to “set the scene” and fly over the venue, mountains, trees, or city. Watch a few of our recent films and you will see how we use our drones for the creative process!

What is the length of a wedding film?

Our wedding highlight film lengths will be determined by what package is booked. Couples that we spend 9 hours with can expect a film of 5-7 minutes long. Couples that we spend a longer time with typically means that we have more footage and moments to include in the final wedding film, so you can expect a slightly longer and more complete highlight film.

I already have a wedding photographer. Do I really need a videographer too?

This question just comes down to preference and what each couples value. We are in the digital age where we now have the technology to create amazing art through video.

We have worked with couples that don’t even have a photographer because they only care about having a wedding film.

Most of our weddings consist of a professional photographer that captures amazing photos that will be printed and shared, but the couple is also looking for a wedding film to tell their story!

Another big reason why couples choose to have us capture their wedding is to have it shared to family or friends that couldn’t make it to the wedding. A wedding film will make it feel like you were there!

Do you work with non-profits?

Yes! We love to create stories for all types of ministries, organizations, and causes. We also offer special pricing to any qualified non-profit organization that is looking for video.

How much will video cost?

During the first consult, we recommend our clients to have an ideal budget set already. That way we are able to offer video solutions within your budget. Our service rates depend on several factors. We need to look at each individual project request to give an accurate quote. We work in a small team and use professional 4k camera systems to insure our final videos beat expectations!

Fill out the contact form and lets get chat about your project today!

Are videos actually successful marketing tools?

Even though we may create an amazing overview video for your business or service, if no one watches it, your return on investment is 0%. We careful advice our clients on the best strategies to market their video. Our most popular use of our commercial videos is on the homepage of a website. Studies have shown that 80% of all website viewers will click on the homepage video instead of reading the text. Makes since, right? We live in a digital age, and customers expect to watch an interesting video about your service before making a decision.

How do I pick the best video production team to create our video?

Watching video samples from several different companies will show you that every video production company is different. Our video samples will show that we are skilled in storytelling in many different environments and we are passionate about our jobs. Watch a few of our sample videos here.

What is the purpose of a real estate video tour?

Real Estate video tours will market your property better than photos. Having photos will get potential buyers interested, but serious buyers want more. In the digital age it is important to offer video to potential buyers to help sell the properties value and experience.

Vacation rentals need to sell an experience. Showing the local scenery and beauty of a property through video will lead to more demand and bookings. We offer special rates of real estate tours that are vacation rentals. Contact Us For Rates