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Fireside Media: what you’re looking for in a Redmond videographer


Videography takes the detail-oriented nature of an artist to deliver a product that will meet and exceed expectations. Our work shows that we go to great lengths to ensure that our videos are a great representation of our clients as well as ourselves as Redmond videographers.

Customer Oriented

We want each of our clients to have something good to say about us. From pre-shoot storyboarding and coordination to conscientious and thorough editing to complimentary post-edit changes we make to ensure the results are what you’re looking for, we take care of our customers.


When you hire Fireside Media, you know you’re getting a team that will be able to tell your story creatively. We don’t simply imitate the style of others – but we do keep up with modern trends in video to ensure that our work will communicate well to others.

Available for All Videography Needs

Our primary experience is in videography for weddings, corporate videos, and real estate video walk-throughs – but we would love to talk with you about your project no matter what it is. Get in touch with us today to get the conversation started.

Fireside Media is a Redmond videographer

Redmond Wedding Videography

Fireside Media is the media team you want by you on your wedding day. We have extensive experience guiding couples through their wedding from a video perspective. We take care of all the details, leaving you to enjoy yourself. You can count on us to capture the most important moments and edit them together in a way that you will look back fondly on for years to come.

Corporate or Commercial Videography

Corporate Event Videographers

Corporate events are key to the life of your company. When you want to capture that time together for future inspiration or to show prospective team members what your company culture is like, Fireside Media is the Redmond videographer that you can trust.


One of the best ways to communicate your message to prospective customers is through the use of story – which is what we focus on at Fireside Media. Let us work with you to develop a professional, focused ad for your website or an even broader showing.

Redmond Real Estate Videography

One of the best ways to get the right buyer for your property – or renter for your vacation space – is to present it in the most attractive way possible. Video plays a key role in this presentation. Video shows the flow of a property and gives interested parties a better feel for what they’re getting into. If you’re ready to bring in more of the right people to your space, get started with Fireside Media today.

Our Redmond Videographer FAQ

How long is your turnaround time?

Our wedding film turnaround time is 2-3 months. Time for corporate or real estate videos are will vary depending on the project and the required urgency. Contact us to talk about your schedule needs.

What is the length of a wedding film?

Our wedding highlight film lengths will be determined by what package is booked. Couples that we spend 9 hours with can expect a film of 5-7 minutes long.

How do you capture audio?

We use the best audio equipment on the market. In any situation, we can be sure to capture clear audio from every moment throughout the day.

Can you capture drone footage?

Yes! We are part 107 certified and insured to fly commercially.

How far do you travel and will it cost extra?

YES! (and yes)
We have experience traveling with our equipment on planes, and love opportunities to create films in unique areas. The more adventure the better!

The cost for travel varies (whether by plane, train, or automobile). If the destination requires overnight lodging or airfare, that is also added to the cost.

What’s the filmmaking process like?

We strive to take a very modern and creative approach to each film. We like to push the boundaries of filmmaking and editing to provide our clients with the best film possible!

One of the greatest strengths that sets our films apart from other Redmond videographers is the development and use of story. After the shoot, we spend many hours at the desk editing your film. We license music that fits your story, and use it to give the film appropriate energy and emotion.

Are videos actually successful marketing tools?

Even though we may create an amazing overview video for your business, if no one watches it, your return on investment is 0. We carefully advise our clients on the best strategies in the use of video. The most popular use of our commercial videos is on the homepage of a website. Studies have shown that 80% of all website viewers will click on the homepage video instead of reading the text.

What is the purpose of a Redmond real estate video tour?

The more a property costs, the more important a video will be to achieve a successful sale. Having photos will get potential buyers interested, but serious buyers want more. It is important to offer video to potential buyers to help sell a property’s value and experience. Vacation rentals need to sell an experience. Showing the local scenery and beauty of a property through video will lead to more demand and bookings.

How much will video cost?

During our first consult, we recommend clients to have a budget set already. That way we are able to offer video solutions within your budget. Our service rates depend on several factors, which is why we need to look at each individual project request to give an accurate quote.

Do you work with non-profits?

Yes! We love to create stories for a wide variety of ministries, organizations, and causes.

Fireside Media is a Redmond Videographer

Based in Portland, available worldwide