Real Estate Videography

Professional Real estate video tours

VRBO and AirBnB now allow youtube and other video links to be added to the listing. Properties that need to stand out use video tours to sell the experience. With real estate video tours, customers can experience what the property is like through watching a quick video online.

We are Part 107 certified Drone Pilots and offer drone videography and photography for any real estate video tour.
Special pricing is available for any vacation rental video tour.
Portland Real estate video tours start at $400. Contact us for an estimate on your listing.

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What is the purpose of a video tour?

Real Estate video tours will market your property better than photos. Having photos will get potential buyers interested, but serious buyers want more. In the digital age it is important to offer video to potential buyers to help sell the properties value and experience.

Vacation rentals need to sell an experience. Showing the local scenery and beauty of a property through video will lead to more demand and bookings. We offer special rates of real estate tours that are vacation rentals. Contact Us For Rates

Can you capture drone footage?

Yes! We are part 107 certified and insured to fly commercially. Having a birds eye view of the property and local surrounding is expected by any potential buyer.

What is the special rate for vacation homes?

We would be happy to give discounts or trade the value based on location and schedule. Please reach out if you are interested in having a vacation rental tour created! Contact Us

Does the real estate market need video tours?

The Portland real estate market is hot and houses sell very quickly. However, we are finding that higher end houses sit longer. Potential buyers in the higher end market expect more for the marketing. Video is almost a necessity for the luxury Portland real estate market.

How much will this cost?

For local Portland real estate listings, our services start at $400 for a complete real estate video tour. Price will depend on the size of the house and work involved.