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Our goal is to help our clients market their services and see a massive return on investment. We are experienced at creating business overview videos, case study and testimonial videos, event video recording, social media marketing videos, 30 second ads for TV and online marketing, and much more!

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Do you work with non-profits?

Yes! We love to create stories for all types of ministries, organizations, and causes. We also offer special pricing to any qualified non-profit organization that is looking for video.

How much will video cost?

During the first consult, we recommend our clients to have an ideal budget set already. That way we are able to offer video solutions within your budget. Our service rates depend on several factors. We need to look at each individual project request to give an accurate quote. We work in a small team and use professional 4k camera systems to insure our final videos beat expectations!

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Are videos actually successful marketing tools?

Even though we may create an amazing overview video for your business or service, if no one watches it, your return on investment is 0%. We careful advice our clients on the best strategies to market their video. Our most popular use of our commercial videos is on the homepage of a website. Studies have shown that 80% of all website viewers will click on the homepage video instead of reading the text. Makes since, right? We live in a digital age, and customers expect to watch an interesting video about your service before making a decision.

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How do I pick the best video production team to create our video?

Watching video samples from several different companies will show you that every video production company is different. Our video samples will show that we are skilled in storytelling in many different environments and we are passionate about our jobs. Watch a few of our sample videos here.